We are currently using the Virtue app to donate to Clean Water Projects. These organizations provide access to clean, safe, and sustainable drinking water sources for people in need.


$0.85 provides 1 month clean of water to an individual 

The Primary Partner in the Clean Water Projects:

Charity: Water - works exclusively with local partners who build sustainable, community-owned water projects. Our partners also facilitate comprehensive water, sanitation, and hygiene programming to protect everyone’s long-term health.

About Berry Harbor

We are far from sustainable, but we care about people and the planet. We challenging ourselves to adapt, making improvements, assessing our practices and making progress. 

We select our products based on the materials they are made with, these materials support the creation of a more circular economy*

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Naturally sustainable, hypoallergenic odor-free, low maintenance, supports farmers & communities.


Durable, biodegradable & lower water footprint.


Naturally strong, Biodegradable.


Infinitely recyclable


Durable and Recyclable


Meal Machine / Rise Against Hunger

One meal donated with each purchase. 

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Clean Hub

1 Lb of plastic is collected with each purchase. 

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Virtue / Charity: Water

1 month clean of water for an individual with each purchase.

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The manufacturing process and sourcing has not been assessed, Our products may still be shipped in plastic, we contacted the manufactures to request less packaging.